What is ONLINE Counseling?


Technology has moved forward to the point now where Facetime, Skype, GoogleTalk, etc….are all common methods of communicating. It’s a beneficial way to keep in touch with family and friends.  Not only do you hear their voices, but you can see their expressions!

Telemedicine is being used more and more in Emergency Departments (formerly known as Emergency Rooms).  The nurse or physician’s assistant is in the room with the patient and the Dr. evaluates over teleconference with a secure and HIPAA compliant video website. Behavioral health therapists can now provide private and secure counseling sessions online through HIPAA compliant websites.

Benefits of Online Counseling

  • No travel time ~ a great choice for those who live in rural areas or if your therapist practices in a different city
  • Privacy ~ the client picks where the session occurs and most often is in their own home
  • Accessibility for Physical Limitations
  • Affordability ~ Online Sessions are usually less expensive
  • Assists in those times when you don’t want to miss an appointment, but just cannot get there
  • Extremely appropriate for Life Coaching and Career Guidance and Mild to Moderate Mental or Behavioral issues (Adjustment)

Disadvantages of Online Counseling

  • There is technology required: High Speed Internet, Laptop or Desktop, Appropriate Browsers
  • Technology Issues
  • Possibility of Hacking ~ the sites are secure to the highest standards, but hackers are always trying to be one step ahead
  • Lack of human contact
  • Inappropriate for severe mental health treatment ~ Issues such as severe depression, suicidal ideation, active drug addiction, as well as most DSM V diagnoses other than Adjustment

Spirit of Joy Counseling Services, PLLC Online Counseling Practices

Our office uses doxy.me which meets HIPAA standards and criteria for privacy and security.  The initial visit is always done in person.  This is the assessment/evaluation appointment and requires face to face interaction for a thorough understanding of the concerns the person is having. Furthermore, all of our clients must reside in Texas.

After the diagnosis and treatment plan are determined, a timeline for therapy is provided. Appointments can be made at that time for face to face or online counseling sessions.  If you think online counseling might be a good fit for your adjustment issues, please contact the office or email L.E.Mappin@icloud.com to schedule your free online consultation or first face to face appointment.