Confidentiality and Contact Information and What to Expect ~ Initial Session

When you meet me, you will see that I am very warm and loving.  However, in the business part of things, I am practical and have policies that I have found over many years of experience work for me and assist my clients.  Clear communication is a counseling goal and I try to model it here. 

This list is explained further below.  

  • Communication is written rather than conducted over the phone ~Issues are Confidentiality and no written record
  • Insurance filed for these payers only:  TREST (TriCare East), 87726 (UHC), TXBLS (BCBS Texas), 60054 (Aetna)
  • Encrypted email communication for mental/behavioral areas of concern or through the secure messaging system in your client portal
  • Part Time Practice ~ early morning to noon
  • Minor children 17 and under do NOT attend the first session (Intake)

Protecting your confidentiality is my ethical responsibility.  I am cautious with today’s technology to make sure I am protecting my clients’ information. I also prefer a written record for licensure protection.  For these reasons, I do not conduct phone consultations.  Cell phones and VoIP are not secure.

You will find, however, that I am very “user friendly”. My clients text me at 830-214-3777 if they need to schedule or reschedule appointments and for sharing non-confidential information.

Contact me by encrypted email for an appointment or for more information. You will receive a prompt HIPAA secure/encrypted email response.

What to Expect

Spirit of Joy Counseling Services, PLLC was created with the hope that I can serve hurting people with an excellence of care that is above and beyond the norm.  This is a MISSION, not a job!  I give discounts to Private Pay clients who are in service professions (teaching, medical, military, ministry).

Hours of Operation

Online scheduling for female clients ages 16+ is available.  My online hours are Tuesdays 7:00am-11:00am and Wednesdays 7:30am-11:30am.  I also may make other appointment arrangements for my clients during a crisis.  Committed clients will be scheduled other times on a case by case basis.

This is a part time practice.  Those days and times may change as needed to meet my personal tasks.  If you need assistance in the afternoons, evenings and/or weekends please refer to this link:


I have no insurance clerk to help with getting reimbursed for difficult or complicated insurance plans.  *See below.

The insurance plans I currently accept and file with as a courtesy to my clients are Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, TriCARE East and West, and United Healthcare.

*I do not file insurance for people with multiple policies or for out of state insurance plans (example BCBS Illinois, etc…).  If you have more than one insurance plan or have an out of state plan, then you will be charged the rate of reimbursement for the highest paying plan and will be sent a Superbill to file with each company for reimbursement.

 The First Appointment

  • Initial Intake and Assessment ~ we work in person to understand you or your child’s specific areas of concern by going over a thorough questionnaire that you have filled out prior to the first meeting.  *Minor children (17 and under) do NOT attend the first session.  
  • Diagnosis ~ labels are not the preferred way I describe your situation, often times what my clients are going through are periods of adjustment and relationship issues, but I will try to help you understand what it is you are or your child is experiencing in terms of the medical world’s definition. * A diagnosis is required in order to file a claim with insurance agencies.
  • Treatment Plan ~ this is a lesson plan for therapy and is individualized and is written and is online in the client’s file under my practice management system called Simple Practice.  It is HIPAA secure.  The treatment will be developed by me at the time of the 2nd session if the client is planning on continuing therapy.  It will include what kind of work needs to be done to heal and to begin living a more balanced and productive life.  If the client is only going to be seen “as needed” there will be no formal treatment plan developed.  
  • Referrals ~ there are times when I believe you may need MORE than I can provide; click on the Referrals link to your left
  • Scheduling future appointments ~ you will have time to consider how you want to implement your treatment plan; some appointments may be via confidential and secure video session according to your schedule and needs

You matter; there is an awesome plan for your life, and I look forward to meeting you.