Confidentiality in Counseling

Confidential word cloud

Technology is so important in my counseling.  It helps me stay on top of managing my clients’ files and notes, the billing, scheduling, and communicating in a timely manner. What you should know as a potential counseling client is that your information should remain confidential and secure.  Some technology can put that at risk.

Examples of Insecure Transmissions:

  • Cell Phone Conversations
  • VoIP Phone Conversations
  • Texting
  • Non Encrypted Emails
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Google Talk

Here are some questions regarding confidentiality to ask in your search for a therapist/counselor:

  • Where are my files kept?
  • Do you use encrypted email?
  • May I text you regarding appt. information or request for more information?
  • Do you conduct eCounseling over a secure site?

Did you know you also have the right to waive your HIPAA confidentiality when it comes to phone calls and emails?  Your therapist can have you sign a waiver if you are interested in doing so.  I would not recommend it.  Your information is very personal and uniquely yours.  In my practice I try my best to keep it that way.

~Blessings on your journey to wellness~