Grief and Loss

Spirit of Joy-FINAL-04Life is Hard.  Did anyone ever say that to you?  It is the truth.  People we love leave us…sometimes through broken relationships and other times through death. This is part of life.  Loss is painful and can cripple us.  How are earth do we deal with loss? How can we move through the pain and continue living?

I heard some years ago that when life deals a blow, we have two choices. We can choose to be bitter or BETTER.  How do we go down the path of better when it HURTS so much?

The bitter path is easy.  It comes natural to us.  We rage at others, blame, deny, escape, hide, close up, wall up, lash out, numb the pain with other things, and on and on and on.

Let’s say that we do NOT want to choose bitter.  Let’s say that we make a decision to choose BETTER.  OK.  Now what?  Here’s where we have to WORK.  It isn’t easy to walk down the path of better.   We have to choose to leap off the cliff of FAITH and believe that there is something BIGGER than us out there that is ready to help us feel better, to recover, to become a survivor and NOT a victim.  We have to make an effort to believe and to seek out help from others who have gotten better instead of bitter.  We have to trust that we are not alone in this pain and that there is help in this walk towards healing.

If we are people of faith, we pray.  We ask our Father in Heaven to please guide and comfort us, to teach us how we are to live without that person in our lives.

The miracle is that He does.  One step at a time. He says, “Get up and get out of yourself for a few minutes today.  Go help someone or something.” Or He says, “Today I want you to rest.”  What I am trying to tell you is that He will guide and lead us to the next thing and the next thing after that until we are walking out of the darkness back into the light…His light…which is glorious and healing and comforting and forever.

I choose BETTER.  I hope and pray that you choose BETTER, too!